Past Season Performers

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1996-1997 Season

Lucy Kaplansky w/special guest Sheryl Skye

Kate Jacobs w/special guest Tom Holland

Dave’s True Story w/special guest Joe Panzetta

Tony Trischka & Skyline with Northampton Harmony

Neal & Leandra w/special guest Mary Ann Rossoni

Lynn Miles w/special guest Greg Merkle

Martin Sexton w/special guest LisaBeth Weber

Suzy Roche w/special guest Sheryl Skye

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1997-1998 Season

Cheryl Wheeler w/special guest Joe Panzetta

The Burns Sisters w/special guest Dan Hart

Amy & Jennie

Ellis Paul w/special guest Jennie Avila

The Tony Trischka Band with Northampton Harmony

Dee Carstensen w/special guest Bernice Lewis

Christine Lavin w/special guest Susan Piper

Five Chinese Brothers w/special guest Ambrose Liu

Louise Taylor w/special guest Tom Holland

Summer 1998

Jennie Avila, Annie Bauelein, Chip Mergott & LisaBeth Weber

Cliff Eberhardt w/special guest Tom Prasada Rao

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1998-1999 Season

Neal & Leandra w/special guest Mary Arden Collins

Iris DeMent w/special guest Kate Jacobs

Patty Larkin w/special guest Greg Merkle

Barbara Kessler w/special guest Laurianne Fiorentino

Vance Gilbert w/special guests Annie Bauerlein & Chip Mergott

John Sebastian w/special guest Y*All

Christine Lavin w/special guest Tom Prasada-Rao

The Laura Love Band w/special guest Jennie Avila

Cathie Ryan w/special guest Susan Piper

Greg Greenway w/special guest LisaBeth Weber

Les Sampou

Summer 1999

The McCabes

Annie Gallup

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1999-2000 Season

Amy Rigby & Stacey Earle

Kate Campbell w/special guest Dan Hart

Odetta w/special guests Dave’s True Story

Tony Trischka & Skyline with Northampton Harmony

Annie Gallup w/special guest Peter Spink

Dale Ann Bradley & Coon Creek w/special guest Tanya Savory

Maria Muldaur w/special guest Susan Shore

The Mollys

Tish Hinojosa w/special guest Mark Erelli

Summer 2000

Mark Erelli

Deborah Holland

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2000-2001 Season

Suzzy & Maggie Roche w/special guest Bob Hillman

Sons of the Never Wrong w/special guest Deirdre Flint

Lynn Miles w/special guest Tom Prasada-Rao

Grey Eye Glances w/special guest Erin McKeown

Tanya Savory & Erica Wheeler

Erin Mckeown w/special guest Anne Heaton

Silk City w/special guest Mary Sue Twohy

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem w/special guest LisaBeth Weber

Jonathan Edwards w/special guest Irene Kelly

2001-2002 Season

Phil Roy & Jess Klein

Christine Lavin

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer w/special guest Mark Erelli

GrooveLily w/special guests Ben Murray & Siobhan Quinn

Katrina & Nerissa Nields w/special guests Chris & Meredith Thompson

Kate McDonnell (House Concert)

Deirdre Flint, Eric Schwartz, Annie Bauerlein & Chip Mergott

Susan Werner w/special guest Mark Erelli

Voices On the Verge w/special guest Deb Talan

Clandestine w/special guests Lara Gonzalez & Yael Shacham

Caroline Herring (House Concert)

Jimmy LaFave w/special guest Kerri Powers

Louise Taylor (House Concert)

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Summer 2002

Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito w/special guest Antje

Eric Schwartz w/special guest Antje


Lori McKenna & Josh Ritter

Sharon Katz & Peace Train w/special guests Lara Gonzalez & Yael Shacham

Grey Eye Glances w/special guest Deb Talan

Sons of the Never Wrong w/special guest Jennifer Erb

The Nields, Susan Werner & The Kennedys Holiday Concert

Terri Hendrix w/special guest Rebecca Hall

Groovelily w/special guests Andy & Denise

Cherish the Ladies w/special guests Chris & Meredith Thompson

Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem w/special guest Jenny Avila

Da Vinci’s Notebook w/special guests Full Frontal Folk

Mark Erelli (House Concert)

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Jen Chapin w/special guest Grace Morrison

Tracy Grammer w/special guest Mark Erelli

Full Frontal Folk, Annie Gallup, Louise Taylor

Beatles Tribute w/The Kennedys, Jim Boggia, Tony Trischka, Patti Shea

The Nields w/special guests Andy & Denise

Cheryl Wheeler w/special guest Kenny White

Holly Near

The Kennedys (House Concert)


Chris Smither w/special guest Deb Pasternak

Eszter Balint & Full Frontal Folk

Paul & Storm w/special guest Gina Scippione

Beatles Tribute w/The Kennedys, Jim Boggia, Tony Trischka, Deb Pasternak

Susan Werner

Mark Erelli w/special guest Patrick Fitzsimmons

Lelia Broussard (House Concert)

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Suzzy & Maggie Roche w/special guest Birdie Busch

Sons of the Never Wrong

Lelia Broussard & Jess Klein

Christine Lavin

Adrienne Young & Little Sadie w/special guest John Francis

Chris Smither w/special guest Kate Gaffney

Tapestry Tribute w/Erica Wheeler, Chris Thompson, Deb Pasternak & LisaBeth Weber & Maggie Marshall

The Kennedys (House Concert)


Steve Forbert w/special guest Kate Gaffney

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players w/special guest Deirdre Flint

Eliza Gilkyson

Ellis Paul w/special guest Flynn

The Kennedys (House Concert)

Maura O’Connell

Tracy Grammer w/special guest Amy Speace

Neil Young Tribute w/The Kennedys, Jim Boggia, John Francis, Deb Pasternak

Richard Shindell w/special guest Craig Cardiff

The Kennedys (House Concert)

2007 – 2008

Adrienne Young w/Special Guests LisaBeth Weber & Maggie Marshall

Marshall Crenshaw w/Special Guest Luke Brindley

Patty Larkin

Susan Werner w/Special Guest Natalia Zuckerman

An Evening of Silly Love Songs, featuring Jamie Anderson, Carla Ulbrich, Scott Sheldon & Special Guests

 Lucy Kaplansky

 120 Minute Folk Fest featuring The Kennedy’s, Chris Thompson, Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson, The Strangelings & The Stringbusters

Christine Lavin w/special guests Annie Bauerlein & Chip Mergott

Odetta & Bob Lind

2008-2009 Season

Chris Smither w/special guest Birdie Busch

Eilen Jewell & Caroline Herring

Aztec Two-Step Presents the Simon & Garfunkel Songbook

John Gorka

A 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Day the Music Died Featuring The Kennedys, Richard X. Heyman, Luke Brindley & Birdie Busch

Ellis Paul w/special guest Seth Glier

Kate Taylor w/special guest Betty Soo

Graham Parker w/special guest Luke Brindley

2009-2010 Season

Tracy Grammer w/special guest Meg Hutchinson

Susan Cowsill w/special guest Anthony da Costa

Court & Spark Tribute with Maura Kennedy, Sloane Wainwright, Kelly Flint & LisaBeth Weber w/Maggie Marshall

An Evening with John McCutcheon

Dala w/First Annual New Music Showcase featuring Natalie Acciani, Brittany Ann and Briana Berry

RUNA w/special guests Matt & Shannon Heaton

Michael Bowers & Siobhan Quinn House Concert

Red Molly w/special guests Beaucoup Blue

Francis Dunnery w/special guest Liz Longley

The Boss & The Bard: A 35th Anniversary Celebration of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run and Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks with The Kennedys, Seth Glier, BettySoo, and Anthony da Costa

Kennedys House Concert

Sloan Wainwright House Concert

2010-2011 Season

Lori Lieberman w/special guest Seth Glier


Jill Sobule w/special guest Sarah Donner

Ellis Paul w/special guest Robyn Landis

Celebrating the Music & Legacy of John Lennon with The Kennedys, Rex Fowler, Tom Dean, Freebo, Chris Thompson, Liz Longley

Susan Werner w/special guest Trina Hamlin

Eilen Jewell w/special guest Chris Chadwick

An Evening with John Gorka

Dala w/special guest Treasa Levasseur

Blondes on Blonde on Blonde: A 45th Anniversary Celebration of Blonde on Blonde & Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday with Sloan Wainwright, Danielle Miraglia, Brittany Ann, and Vicki Genfan

2011-2012 Season

Liz Longley & Rebecca Pidgeon

Ruby Jane w/special guest Craig Bickhardt

David Wax Museum w/special guests Pearl & The Beard

Hoots & Hellmouth & Madison Violet

Southside Johnny & the Poor Fools

Mary Gauthier w/special guest Greg Trooper

Ellis Paul w/special guest Caitlin Canty

The Write Stuff Vol 1: A Celebration of Classic Country Songwriters with Chuck Schaeffer, Suzie Brown, Brittany Ann, Natalie Acciani, and special guest Jim Henry

Ariana Gillis & Victoria Vox

2012-2013 Season

Dala w/special guests The Copper Ponies

Last-Minute Music Festival with Rebecca Pronsky, Loretta Hagan, John Francis, and Caleb Hawley

  Burning Bridget Cleary w/special guests We’re About 9

Tracy Grammer w/special guests The Stray Birds

The Kennedys w/special guest Carolann Solebello

Seth Glier & Liz Longley

Spuyten Duyvil & Pesky J. Nixon

Night of 1000 Guffaws with Carla Ulbrich, Honor Finnegan & Mark Alan Berube

Jess Klein w/special guest Caitlin Canty

2013-2014 Season

Jenny Owen Youngs w/special guest Lily Mae

The Stray Birds w/special guest Amy Black

John Gorka w/special guest Honor Finnegan

Decembersongs 2014: An East Nashville Christmas with Amy Speace, Rod Picott and Doug & Telisha Williams

Jonathan Edwards w/special guest Birdie Busch

An Evening with the Nuala Kennedy Trio

The Carole King Songbook Featuring Allie Farris, Brittany Ann, Natalie Acciani, Kat Quinn, Meg Braun & Anna Dagmar

An Evening with Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas


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