Nearby Dining

Looking for someplace to eat or to go for a drink before or after the show? Here are some recommendations we’ve compiled with the assistance of Jeff, a Concerts at the Crossing regular, and our staff:

Wildflowers – at the Pennington circle is a local (but not exactly Irish) pub, very casual, but offer reasonably good food, including tomato pies (i.e., pizza). They have a liquor license, a large bar area with adjacent tables, and a separate casual dining room with booths and tables enough to take all comers. Note that this is probably the only restaurant listed that is still open and serving food after the show.

Cafe Mulino on Bear Tavern Road in Ewing is a nice affordable Italian restaurant less than 15 minutes from the church. From the church take Jacobs Creek Road to Bear Tavern and it’s across from the gas station on the right. Or take Exit 2 off of I95, follow Bear Tavern towards Titusville and it’s across the street from the gas station. The food is tremendous, they now serve pizza, and as I mentioned an excellent value. Along with its proximity to the church, you can’t beat it.

It’s Nutts on Route 29 in Titusville is especially convenient to the church and offers informal dining in more of a roadside diner type setting. They don’t serve alcohol but they do have ice cream and terrific tomato pies.

For something a bit more upscale, try Za, which is Pennington, north of the circle. Za is BYOB, and they’re known for a constantly changing and very progressive menu – using many local growers. Also a seasonal garden patio.

The Metro Grill is in Ewing, not far from the church, near the airport. Good, clean Italian-based menu. Again, nice bar area (with booths and small tables too) for an easy munch and a full dinning room should you prefer.

There are several places in Lawrenceville, only a few miles away. They are all splendid, and most are BYOB. Here’s just a few:

For a casual, almost hippie cafe with decent food, try Fedora

For more upscale, well reviewed, and really good dining, try one of the following (several have outside dining):


Chambers Walk


Finally, if your a bit early and just want a light something to relax over..the Mercer County golf course “Mountain View” is just a few miles away (between the UU and the interstate). The dining is just a few steps above snack bar (although they certainly have a steak/chicken/fish entree of some nature)… but the have a lovely large patio overlooking the golf course and driving range…which makes for a lovely respite from the world. The entire facility is fairly new…and clean as a whistle. Yes, full bar if you just want to sip and enjoy the view.