K-Beauty Summer Tips to Dewy Skin

Korean skin care beauty products have taken the world by storm ever since they got introduced outside of South Korea. The popularity can be attributed to the many innovative products offered, with many unheard of before elsewhere. Thanks, too, to South Korea’s most famous ambassadors (that is, K-pop and K-drama stars), the industry has been thriving ever since.

Different Korean beauty products for a healthy skin regimenIt should not come as a surprise to see Korean beauty products dominating the market these days. Not only are these products innovative; they are also made from ingredients that are natural and well-thought-of. Snail extracts, sunflower seeds, and pig’s oil are some ingredients that have never been heard of before. But surprisingly, Korean cosmetic manufacturers have started using them in their products. At first, many people were skeptical of these ingredients. In time, though, with people swearing by their effects, these products have started getting off the ground in no time.

South Koreans are infamous for their smooth, dewy, and Snow White-like skin. The ironic thing is, golf and hiking are two favorite sports in the country, and these two activities require a lot of time outdoors. You will be surprised, though, to see locals wearing cover-ups from head to toe, or sunblock so thick that it’s easy to mistake as a mask. They take skin protection seriously, that’s why they don’t mind putting in all the effort to protect their precious skin.

Summer is another time where you will see South Koreans’ ingenuity at its best. Summer is a time for some outdoor fun like beach trips and weekend getaways. There is no better time to want to spend it outdoors during summer. But the weather does not go very well with how South Koreans want to protect their skin. So, what do they do? They visit the beach with so much cover, like a face mask, neck cover, and arm sleeves. If you see them for the first time, you may get surprised as to how frantic they are with protecting their skin. But in time, you will realize that it is not in isolation, and there is a consensus on this among the general public.

When in South Korea, it is not considered “special” if you want to cover your face and neck with thick sunblock; or, if you want to use a face mask every time you head out in the sun. What is considered “special” is, in fact, when you choose not to take care of your skin, giving you acne, wrinkles, and sunspots. These signs of aging and hormonal imbalances are easily negated out by the right diet, lifestyle, and products, as is attested to by many locals.

With summer approaching, how do you prepare yourself from the sun’s heat and rays? How do you do it like the South Koreans, who still get to maintain their smooth and youthful skin even up to their old age?

Here are some K-beauty summer tips that you can use to protect your skin:

Sunblock is crucial for Asian skin1. Use a high SPF and waterproof sunblock

Many South Koreans love their sunblock bought from a renowned ecommerce shop for skin care products. In fact, they don’t mind putting it on liberally when they have to spend some time hiking and golfing outdoors. Sunscreen can be costly, but it can save your life from the harmful UV rays. You also get to avoid age spots which people get from sun exposure.

2. Use a face and neck mask

No amount of sunblock can cover for hot weather. Therefore, if you are spending a long time outdoors during summer, do not forget to put on a face and neck mask. These can protect you in areas that are immediately exposed to the sun, like your face and neck. The back of the neck can burn quickly, so do not forget to have it covered when it gets too hot, or if you know, you will be spending some time outdoors.

3. Avoid spending time outdoors from 10 AM to 2 PM

10 AM to 2 PM is the timeframe that’s the hottest throughout the day. Therefore, you want to avoid going out under the sun during this time. You can plan your day to ensure that you can do your outdoor activities before 10 AM and after 2 PM.

You will notice that many activities in South Korea are planned early in the morning or late at night, whether this event was organized by the state, a company, or a group of friends. Even picnics are rarely done outdoors for lunch, with many locals preferring to do it in the early morning.

South Korea is a land of beauty innovation, and when you look at the people and the images found in advertisements and on TV, you will see how locals take beauty seriously. Summer is not exempt from this because the more that you get to look at the things people go through just to enjoy the sun while protecting their skin. Be patient with your beauty routines, and do not hesitate to go with strategies that have long been proven by locals themselves.