How to Eat Everything You Want and Still Lose Weight

Have you ever wondered if you can lose weight while eating everything that you want? You may come across someone who eats loads of fatty and sugary foods but is lucky enough not to gain a lot of weight. Or, you may also meet someone who is very careful with what he/she eats, but still gains weight quickly. You wonder if the calorie in and calorie out formula works and if the same theory holds true across the board.

Eating healthy for 5 days a week and have 1 day of cheat dayFor one, losing weight is not as simple as eating less than the energy that you expend. Hormones and lifestyle also come into the picture, as well as genetics. If, say, you hold an office job, and you watch what you eat, you may still gain weight if you don’t do regular exercise. Also, even if you are exercising a lot but eating more than what you expend, then you can still gain weight. And if you are one of the unlucky few who has hypothyroidism, even if you have no appetite to eat, you will gain weight while having no control over it.

These are some of the scenarios that make losing weight tricky. But a claim that has become very controversial is with some health and fitness practitioners saying that you can eat everything you want and still lose weight. How is that possible, given that you’ve always been told to eat less than the energy that you use?

If you are still scratching your head over this claim, here are some tips to help you get started. Try these for yourself and see the difference in as little as one month:

Weight loss with regular scheduled meals1. Have a regular eating schedule

Just like your sleep-wake cycle, your eating schedule must also be regular. It is said that the best way to lose weight is to maintain a consistent eating schedule every day, even on weekends. It is because you get to train your body to digest food better, and you get to keep your metabolism in check. If you keep on changing the timing of your meals, you run the risk of developing hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia within the day. Meal kit delivery can be your saving grace to save time from pondering over recipes and shopping (there’s $40 off Sun Basket).  So, you want to keep your blood sugar levels evened out with regular meals to help you lose weight.

If you are not used to this, set the alarm on your phone to remind you of your eating schedule. In time, you will get into the routine, and you wouldn’t have to rely on your alarm anymore. It is best to eat based on your body’s cues but to develop that, you must start with setting a habit first.

2. Eat less in the evening

You know the saying, “Eat like a pauper for dinner, eat like a prince for lunch, and eat like a king for breakfast?” It holds true even today, because the more we get into the day, the less efficient our metabolism gets. Therefore, to manage your weight better, it is best to have a big breakfast, an average-sized lunch, and a small dinner. The opposite is the frequent occurrence among many working people, who often come home tired and so, would like to have a big meal. And then in the morning, due to lack of time and energy, you often have to skip breakfast.

If you want to lose weight, strive to do the opposite of your daily routine, and start eating big for breakfast, and eating small for dinner. You can prep up your breakfast the night before if you say you don’t have time to eat in the morning.

Yes, you can eat everything you want and still lose weight. What’s important is you get to eat everything in moderation, and you get to manage your hormones well. Also, learn to listen to your body’s cues so you can avoid eating out of stress or boredom.