Liz Longley w/special guest Brian Dunne, March 28, 2015

January 2, 2015

Liz New 2015 Album Tour Admat7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20; Kids 14 and under, $5. Order tickets. Online ticket orders end at 3 p.m. the day of the show. All tickets ordered online are picked up at the door the night of the show. No tickets are mailed. Doors open at 6:45.

We’re thrilled to welcome back Liz Longley for the final show of our 19th season. She’s been an audience favorite every time she’s performed at Concerts at the Crossing in the past and with her career on an upward trajectory, we expect this show to be one of the highlights of our 19 seasons of presenting live music.

For painters, the joy and challenge of creation begins with a blank canvas. For Liz Longley, it started in an empty room.

“I was living in Boston and my roommate had just moved out, so I paced the hardwood floors of her room with my guitar,” Longley recalls. “I walked back and forth until the songs were done. It was as though they were stuck in the apartment walls.”

Longley has a gift for culling musical treasures as though straight from thin air. And now, the Berklee College of Music graduate and award-winning songwriter is set to share them with listeners on her self-titled album—her first after signing with Sugar Hill Records in December 2014.

The collection of 11 songs was recorded in Nashville with an all-pro band—and in a pulse-quickening fashion so rare in today’s world of overproduced, airbrushed records. “I love being in the studio and feeding off the energy of other musicians. It’s not something I get to do often on the road because I’ve mostly toured solo.”

While Longley’s songs and vocals invite complimentary comparisons to Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole and Nanci Griffith—all artists she’s supported live—her latest effort spotlights a style and confidence that’s all her own. You can hear it in the subtle-yet-soaring vocals on “Memphis,” the dagger directness of “Skin and Bones,” the bittersweet farewell that drives “This Is Not the End” (featured in the 2012 season finale of Lifetime’s Army Wives). They’re all cuts that dare you to hold back the goosebumps.

In fact, Longley’s singing never fails to thrill and enthrall. Her voice and tone, touched with the slightest of country inflections, pours out like clean, crystalline water. Still, she can roar like a waterfall or flow effortlessly along the bed her backing band lays down, as on “Peace of Mind.” The track showcases Longley yearning after silence and stillness to beat back demons of self-doubt.

The new songs grew amidst a period of transition and travel in her life; moving between Boston and New York before finally settling in Nashville, and spending much of her life on the road in a succession of minivans. To that end, the songs have been road tested at Longley’s live shows, their power to connect with fans beyond question.

These numbers pack the punch of pages torn from Longley’s journal. And fans have rewarded her transparency with tangible loyalty. For while many acts have no clue how an album will be received, Longley started her project knowing just how much her fans wanted her to succeed.

It’s like this: Her Kickstarter campaign, which set $35,000 as an album-funding goal, exceeded that amount by nearly 60 percent, raising $55,000. “We reached the mark so quickly and I’m just really, really lucky to be connected to my fans,” she says. ” I feel like they’ve adopted me—like I have this big supportive family.”

Raised in the small upstate New York town of Monroe, folk rock singer/songwriter Brian Dunne’s music has won the attention and praise of many. With his sharp lyrical prowess and country-influenced vocals, Brian has played in the U.S. folk scene far and wide. Citing influences such as Bob Dylan, The Band, and Bruce Springsteen, one can hear his roots winding through the sound and style of his songwriting and performing.

John Gorka w/special guest TBA, Oct. 24, 2015

December 1, 2014

gorka4HR7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $25; Kids 14 and under, $5. Order tickets. Online ticket orders end at 3 p.m. the day of the show. All tickets ordered online are picked up at the door the night of the show. No tickets are mailed. Doors open at 6:45.

It’s an honor to welcome back for our next to last show, John Gorka, a perennial Concerts at the Crossing favorite who has sold out the venue every time he’s performed here.

From New Jersey, John  is a world-renowned singer-songwriter who got his start at a neighborhood coffeehouse in eastern Pennsylvania. In 1987, the young Minnesota-based Red House Records caught wind of John’s talents and released his first album, I Know, to popular and critical acclaim. With unusual drive and focus, John hit the ground running and, when an offer came from Windham Hill’s Will Ackerman in 1989, he signed with that label’s imprint, High Street Records. He proceeded to record five albums with High Street over the next seven years: Land of the Bottom Line, Jack’s Crows, Temporary Road, Out of the Valley and Between Five and Seven. His albums and his touring (over 150 nights a year at times) brought new accolades for his craft. His rich multifaceted songs full of depth, beauty and emotion gained increasing attention from critics and audiences across the country, as well as in Europe . He also started sharing tours with many notable friends—Nanci Griffith and Mary Chapin Carpenter among them. All this brought his music to an ever-widening audience.

Many well known artists have recorded and/or performed John Gorka songs, including Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nanci Griffith, Mary Black and Maura O’Connell. John has graced the stage of Austin City Limits, Mountain Stage, etown and has appeared on CNN. His new song “Where No Monuments Stand” is featured in the upcoming documentary Every War Has Two Losers, about activist and Oregon Poet Laureate William Stafford (1914-1993).

Order your tickets early because we are expecting another sell out.


Concerts at the Crossing Grand Finale, Nov. 21, 2015 featuring The Kennedys, Ellis Paul, Tracy Grammer, and Jess Klein

November 1, 2014
The Kennedys

The Kennedys

7:30 p.m.

Jess Klein

Jess Klein

Tickets: $25; Kids 14 and under, $5. Order tickets. Online ticket orders end at 3 p.m. the day of the show. All tickets ordered online are picked up at the door the night of the show. No tickets are mailed. Doors open at 6:45.

Tracy Grammer

Tracy Grammer

It’s the end of a 20-year era as Concerts at the Crossing comes to a close with an all-star extravaganza featuring some of our favorite performers of the past 20 seasons. Our lineup for the evening includes The Kennedys, Ellis Paul, Tracy Grammer, and Jess Klein, four acts who have appeared here multiple times during our 20-year history. Each performer will perform a 30-minute set and will join together on stage at the end of the evening for a memorable send off to the series.

Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul


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